Project Title : Livelihood Resource Centre for Persons with Disabilities

Project Duration : 3 Years (January 2016 to Dec 2018)

Target Districts : :Three Districts of Andhra Pradesh

• Prakasam District

• Guntur District

• Krishna District

Project Title : : Increasing equitable access to livelihoods and employment for people with disabilities in India

This Project proposes to tackle access to employment and/or livelihoods opportunities for people with disabilities and increase the knowledge base and understanding of stakeholders to the rights of people with disabilities. This action aims to improve the situation of its target groups through training and capacity building. People with disabilities will take part in training and skills development to increase their ability to participate in employment and increase potential for income generation. In addition, family and community members will be involved in awareness raising activities and support campaigns to increase acceptance and reduce discrimination faced by people with disabilities. Government officials, employers, financial institutions and training institutes will take part in sensitization and awareness raising activities to increase their engagement in disability rights, promoting inclusion in their respective areas of work. Each of these target groups’ engagement will contribute to the overarching aim of ‘Increased Equitable Access to Livelihoods and Employment for People with Disabilities in India’.

The technical capacity of the target groups will also be increased, specifically people with disabilities having greater knowledge and skills to enter the workplace but also employers and other institutions having an increased knowledge of disability rights and inclusion.

This project proposes to address some of the root causes of low levels of employment and working status of people with disabilities by directly facilitating greater equitable access to livelihoods and employment opportunities for 1200 people with disabilities. Analysis and studies, alongside advocacy work and stakeholder sensitization will create more evidence to support the employment rights of people with disabilities therefore increased knowledge base and understanding amongst key stakeholders of employment/livelihoods rights for people with disabilities.

The project intervention takes into account the inter-linkages between social, economic, and cultural rights and calls for a holistic view of the rights of people with disabilities and their access to employment and livelihoods. Implementation of the action is intended to be as participatory of beneficiaries and stakeholders, as possible, based around the Livelihood Resource Centre (LRC) model and approach which is holistic in nature. The LRC centres on the individual and what they both want and are able to achieve in employment, given local conditions, societal factors etc. The specific individual focus instils a sense of ownership and confidence in the individual to continue and succeed in their chosen area of employment, creating a sense of ownership of the project, including at the community level, which increases the opportunity to contribute to sustainable outcomes.


• Baseline survey

• Development and updating of Resource Directory

• Training of Trainers on "Ready to Succeed Module"

• Community awareness raising programmes

• Identification, Registration & Assessment of people with disabilities

• Referrals of people with disabilities to relevant services

• Provision of assistive technologies

• Ready to Succeed Training

• Orientation and training of volunteers

• Sensitisation of Training Institutions and Institutions of Higher learning

• Basic and advanced vocational and Trade specific trainings to PWDs

• Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) training Programmes

• Corporate Sensitisation on Disability Equality Training (DET)

• Local Authority & Media orientation

• Facilitation of Recruitment drives

• Round table meetings with Government officials, banks and MFIs

• Placement of people with disabilities into waged employment and Placement support

• Support and seed funding for people with disabilities to enter self- employment

• Facilitation of CSO Alliance

• Annual feedback meetings with employers and employees

• Development of information, education and communication materialsnewsletter to promote project

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